Aylwen Gardiner-Garden (aylwen) wrote,
Aylwen Gardiner-Garden


Last night I danced at a Versailles Ball in the Albert Hall in Canberra. We had been working for 7 weeks with primary students from Telopea Park School - and on the night they danced their minuets beautifully!
This morning my feet are dead, but I enjoyed displaying Menuet à deux, Aimable Vainqueur, La Bourgogne, La Bourrée d’Achille, L’Allemande, Menuet à quatre, Le Bohaimiene, Menuet de la cour, Les Quadrilles.
I'm looking forward to our workshops in England - if you are not on our tour you can still join our workshops - tickets are only available online - see http://www.eventbrite.com/org/473387679 . We have 5 places left on our Historic Costume & Dance Tour of England this September - please finalise bookings as soon as possible. We have guests on tour from Australia, Netherlands, USA and England. A very merry bunch :)

Tags: baroque, dance, london, rococo, winchester
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