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Sewing Plans for 2011

** needs to be done by end of February
*** needs to be done by the end of May
# have fabric already

15th Century
- Italian renaissance gown suitable for wearing in hot weather***

16th Century
- Make a new bodice for my gold gown#
- Make a new gown out of either red/gold damask combo or the purple/gold cotton velvet combo. Purple gown has sleeves nearly finished. New stays will have to wait until 2012, use my really comfortable 18th century jp ryan strapless stays instead. #
- New farthingale #

17th Century
- Finish the rose pink gown to match the outfit I made John. #

18th Century
- stays, front lacing with shoulder straps** #
- caraco gown ensemble** #
- petticoats** #
- cover a straw hat with silk to match** #
- put buckles on my new 18C shoes and wear them in** #

19th Century
- 1840s/50s gown to wear to Victorian balls in the US and Denmark***
- 1860s Day Dress**
- 1860s ball gown**
- 1860s wrapper**
- 1840 tails for John***
- new victorian drawers and chemise** #